Braxton Brewing Co. 2016 Dark Charge

Dark Charge Day is a yearly event thrown by Braxton Brewing Co. in Covington, KY that celebrates a massive Imperial Stout portfolio showcasing Kentucky’s heritage – Bourbon. Each variant of Dark Charge is barrel-aged in bourbon barrels and dark as the Covington night, these stouts feature notes of stone fruits, chocolate, coffee, oak, roasted malts, and umami. With an oil-like consistency, and tan head, it is bold enough to inspire you and strong enough to light up a city. The crown jewel of this years offering was Dark Charge 23 Bourbon Maple. Born in Kentucky, finished in Ohio and perfected in Covington, this limited release matte black box with glimmering gold accents and spot varnish highlights elevate this stout aged in 23 year old bourbon barrels and proudly exclaims the fruit of their labor for the 2nd year of Dark Charge Day.

2016 Dark Charge was available in six different variants:
Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged
Dark Charge 23 Bourbon Maple
This limited, special edition variant was aged in 23 year old Bourbon barrels that also aged maple syrup for an additional year.
Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Madagascar Vanilla Beans
Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Starter Coffee
Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Toasted Coconut
Dark Charge Bourbon Barrel-Aged with Ancho Chile, Cinnamon, Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla

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