Cincy Music

Powered by Music. Empowered by Fans.

An institution in the local community, CincyMusic has been Cincinnati’s most comprehensive music resource for the past 5 years. Their previous stock-script grunge logotype for their name worked perfect for a middle school garage band, but not so much for a multifaceted promotional company with multiple gigs and genres every night. We wanted to amplify the music, and turn up modernity of the brand by reimagining the existing ‘CM’ monogram logo into a mark with more purpose and attitude. We developed a new identity and branded system inspired by simple pleasure of turning on the music and cranking up the volume. The no-nonsense promotional posters and collateral echoed the simplicity and boldness of the brand that sets the stage for whomever is plugging into the city that night.

 Deliverables: Branding, Copywriting, Posters