Hotel Covington

A retail strategy for guests and patrons in the mercantile shop of Hotel Covington – a 7 story boutique hotel located in a historic retail store named Coppin Co. Department Store operating from 1908-’77. The studio designed a handful of goods exclusive to Hotel that nods to what was and celebrates what’s to come. The apparel line was built off two directions – the iconic building and the regions iconic bridge. Uniting old Coppin’s imagery into the new HC logo mark combined the old and new. “The Original Pride of Covington,” celebrates the Roebling Bridge – the model structure for the Brooklyn Bridge 7 blocks away from the Hotel. A limited edition screen print was also designed with metallic gold and silver ink of the historic structure as a pride piece for the Hotel and the city it celebrates.

Deliverables: Apparel Design, Poster Design, Copywriting