The Shift

Get Shift Done

The Shift is a 12 week social innovation challenge that takes selected teams of highly skilled-volunteers to develop high potential ideas into solutions for some of our community’s most challenging issues.

We wanted to make a change in a fresh and innovative way. We wanted a bold impact that shifted Cincinnati into a better place that also shifted perspective on how to receive grant funding in crowd sourcing programs. An extension of United Way of Greater Cincinnati, we developed a bold, standalone logo that nods to the parent brand with its gestalt ‘U’, and gave an uplifting, call-to-action in the design of the nomenclature.

The program was divided up into 4 Shifts: Inspire > Ideas > Integrate > Implement. Each Shift called on different corporate partners, leaders and volunteers in the community to help with their perspective on each project. Through a 12 week program, teams are paired with mentors, meet with subject matter experts, and test their solutions with community members.

Deliverables: Branding, Naming, Copywriting, Website
Video provided by The Shift